an incredible annoying person who deserves being called more than a douche bag and more than a fag therefore douche-fag is the perfect amount of insulting for this situation!
Tim: dude did you just see that guy cut me off?

Randy: what a douche-fag!
by minim3 May 23, 2009
A person that exhibits the qualities of both a Douchbag/Docher and a queer/fag simultaneously!!!
Wow, that pussbag, wannabe emo just tried to fight me...What a douchefag!
by wood9412 February 13, 2009
Someone who is a total A hole and also suspected to be gay. (used in very rare situations, but great to use when possible)
Guy #1: I bent over to get my pencil today and this guy made fun of my butt.

Guy #2: Gah! What a Douche Fag!
by Woopedy doo man February 11, 2009
a person who is such a jerk they are a douche but thats not even enough of an insult to them because they act gay so they are DOUCHFAGS
your such a douche telling off our cross country your making up stupid excuses why you did it and you try acting to cool to care.!!! YOU ARE A DOUCHEFAG!!!!
by November 15, 2011
A man of homosexual qualities, but is interested in women in a

douche manner.
ex: "Oh my god, that guy is such a douche-fag."

ex: "He talked about her like the douche-fag he is."
by mr_chili August 31, 2011
Someone who is rude, ignorant, egotistical and/or has bad body odour.
That guy Gavin is a real douchefag for wearing white socks with dress clothes.
by nathenalexdan September 03, 2008
A person mostly a guy..that is not a douchebag but instead a douchefag.Usually the most annoying guy that dates a girl than breaks up then goes after her best friend. Starts rumors to end people relationships. and doesn't man up about it, until threatening to get beat up. Douche Material that mets fag.
"Hes such a douchefag he started the most fucking stupid rumor about Rose and Billy"
by karmasabitch1011 December 04, 2011
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