Using two of the same attack at the same time to totally own someone into last week.
"My girlfriend is cuter than yours."
*punches in the face and kicks in the groin*
"Suck it."
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
The indication of wearing the same undergarment for one day and then the following, implying a certain lack of hygiene on the party.
When a guy hasn't been home for 2 days and hasn't taken a shower and had a change of clothes and he's been with his friend for the entire time he's been out of the house, his friend might say...
"you sum derrty shyt, yu` been hav`n da same derrty *ss drawz fa` 2 dayz now... yu` strait double-deuce`n..."
by genius_laydii July 26, 2004

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