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The act of shitting, dropping a deuce, or taking the kids to the pool.
Also used in any variety of ways you would use the word shitting.
You got to be deucing me.
Sorry I didn't get your call, I was in the bathroom deucing up Chipotle, it was epic.
by deucerocket November 07, 2010
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The act of being cocky, super egotistical, being a cowboy, being bald, but having a goatee, and being ridiculously intimidating for the hell of it. One must be at least 6'5" and be outrageously proud of their physique in order to be a deuce and therefore deuce it, or take part in deucing. Deuce sounds similar to douche because it is similar.
He was totally deucing it today, I can't stand him. He's such a deuce.
by Florida is awesome February 15, 2010

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