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Someone who has something embarrassing, And completely obvious on their appearance for a short to long period of time.
Sarah: Hey Brian look, Steve has a dot of sharpie on his nose *Giggles*

Brian: Hahahaha Hey Yeah!

Steve: *Makes conversation not knowing about the dot of sharpie on his nose*

Brian: Hahaha Steve Youre So Dot-Nosed!!
by OmgImANinja December 07, 2008
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When something is so obvious, it seems like it is written on your face.
Dude 1: Dude, check out that punker guy over there,you can tell he's such a poser.
Dude 2: Yea I know man, he's so dot nosed.

Poser punker: Hmm i wonder what i can get at hot topic today!
by David Lets get naked December 07, 2008

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