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Known to be a whole other country with it's own area codes with many languages and cultures. secretly taking over US land with their cut off borders and they're security force that drive around the parking lot in their own SUVs picking people up for minor "Wal Mart Law" fellonies. (They have their own ambassador, the Smiley Face)
I got lost in area code 725884 in Wal Mart and i couldn't comunicate with any of the none-english speaking people and couldn't relate to their wierd ways.
by Redfoxx January 08, 2004
A moron totally oblivious to a current happening or situation. Or having a dot on your nose and not knowing about it.
"Steve, your being a real dot nose right now"
"Real funny Brian!"
"no, you have a dot, on your nose"
by Redfoxx December 14, 2008
Refering to the last name of Thompson
Here comes the Thompintator
by Redfoxx April 17, 2003
a picture, video (or a real!) queef sent by e-mail
I just got an e-queef in my hotmail account from my girlfriend
by Redfoxx April 17, 2003

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