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A male, usually timid and without a mind of his own. Who consistently has to deal with an abusive girlfriend or wife. This person usually has no idea that they are being abused and/or does not consider her behaviour to be abuse. Often times making excuses for her and doing whatever she commands. The girlfriend of a Silverman is often times controlling and restrictive in nearly all aspects of his life; especially when it comes to his friends. It is the duty of all good friends to make sure this kind of relationship ends permanently or doesn't begin at all, or else this cancerous girlfriend could ruin your friendship.

The word "Silverman" refers to the character Darren Silverman, played by Jason Biggs, in the movie Saving Silverman.
"Dude, Bini's turned Dom into a Silverman, she's such a fucking bitch. She won't even let him hang out with us."

"There goes Bini, bragging about the guys who want to fuck her and talking bad about Dom again...and he's okay with it. She's turned him into such a Silverman"

"I heard Dom finally broke up with Bini, good....He was such a Silverman in that relationship."

"Dom's been drinking a lot more lately. I heard Bini put him on the couch too. I don't ever want to be a Silverman like that guy."

"Friends don't let friends become a Silverman."
by BlastBeater April 29, 2010
To have the runs, squits, sh*ts, torts. To have to Run to Trap 2. To have loose Movements. Named after the great musician Mark Silverman after he left the stage with his pants full of poop.
Sorry about the guff Vicar, i've got a spot of the Silverman's.
by John Peterson February 09, 2004
A Silverman is usually someone of Jewish descent, though they may not look it. They usually show little to no emotion. May inspire fear in enemies and respect in friends, likes to play mind games. They know many things about many people through various sources of information from the internet to stalking. If the latter expect them to be extremely proficient in it.
Guy 1: Dude, that guy hasn't moved or even blinked in like 30 minutes
Guy 2: He's a Silverman, we should get out of here
by ArgentumVir April 06, 2010
A friend who starts being gay as soon as he/she starts dating or gets into a new relationship; a person that uses public displays of affection in excess of 3 unnecesssary acts per hour.
**an allusion to Saving Silverman**
"nah id rather not hang out with Todd and Elisa right now they are still being silvermans"
"i used to hang out with Ike a lot but once he met Crystal he became a silverman big time"
by Cunty McTwatburger August 14, 2006
The act of being a dousche, ass kissing, black shirt wearing, head set wanting, way to much description in arctics note taking and eating way to much California Tortilla...which in time has helped developed mboobs.
You're such a "silverman"

That's so "silverman"

Don't be a "silverman"
by Sacagewia July 16, 2009
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