that one fish from finding nemo
Hi! I'm Dori *3 seconds later* Hi! I'm Dori!
by Gwen Stefani Grrl November 29, 2003
A chick with at least 3 kids & live at home with mom.

No job,education,car,or goals.

Her only concern is trying to keep a man. If she can't get a man a girl will due.

Kids stay bums! A true hoodrat!
Hoodrat explain doris to the fullest.
by ms.iitt August 01, 2011
Poo that has been held in for a large amount of time in order to let it build up and become a much bigger poo
The Don: Oh man I just took this massive as Doris here I'll send a picture of it to you

The Don: I've been holding this thing in all day... Time to drop a Doris
by Skwishoopial July 27, 2010
A mother. Female caretaker.
I love my Doris.

Meet my Doris.

This is my father and Doris.
by Sococo April 01, 2009
a) a hip mamacita who hates people that "tYpe lYke DiSh" because they are complete morons that should be pushed into a pit of fire
b) sexy and intelligent
My dream is to be a Doris so I can get all the men!
by Doris February 16, 2004
female partner, girl-friend or wife
can't make it lads, gotta go shoppin' with me doris
by dilbert scrunchie June 12, 2003
1)Ultimate insult to undermine inflated male ego's. Also works well to women with similar masculine names e.g. Boris
2)See Goober
1) Shut up you Doris...(followed by appropriate your mum joke)!
by luvlea May 06, 2005
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