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Verb: to dooze a broad. Originating from some sort of WOP dialect, doozing means to have sex with a useless piece of skin that surrounds the vagina (commonly known as a woman).

Doozing is usually done in sequence with other "ooze's", in no particular order: Abuse, Booze, Cruise, Snooze.
1. Hey Dollface, you good to go? How about you come back to my place and I'll dooze ya.

2. You Booze, you abuse, you dooze, ya snooze and then you cruise.
by TheSyndrome January 25, 2010
Originally dominic, but anyone who drinks booze (or any kinda of beverage) converts it into dooze, due to becoming infectious with mouth herpies
1. don't drink that its dooze
2. oh man, he just doozed my drink
by stubop January 09, 2009
A slang term originating in the shire. Acts as a synonym for amazing, awesome or 'dude'.
Bloke 1: Hey, look at that chick at the bar
Bloke 2: Ohhh yeaahh, she's so dooze
by NotoftheShire May 10, 2016
Referenced by the African American community; it is used as a slang for defecation, feces, poop, shit, and of course, dooze.
Nigga what is that on yo shoez?

by jewbaitnigggggggggggggga September 09, 2009
Marijuana. Used as a noun and a verb. The verb means "to smoke marijuana." Derived from the rhyme "booze and dooze" to succinctly describe an evening of alcohol and marijuana consumption.
Dooze that dooze, dude.
by Bill Dendis November 12, 2007
Verb. The act of insufflating (sniffing, snorting) various kinds of crushed or powdered narcotics in "line" form. Drugs like cocaine are a more common dooze, but other kinds of dooze do exist (oxycontin, ecstasy, ketamine are all doozable). Usually, the tools of the dooze include but are not limited to, a bill or straw for "doozing", and a mirror or cd case for crushing or "chopping" (or otherwise preparing the dooze)

This word was created by teenagers who enjoy doozing in niagara falls canada. The word was originally created so no one would know what we were talking about, and eventually started being used by the whole city. Ask around, you might find out who started it.
I have not doozed all day. Lets dooze a rip. You think we could crush and dooze that thing?
by DoozeDoctor March 04, 2009
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