To void feces from the bowels; deficate.
Those burritos went right through me - I need to doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005
The absolute opposite of good.
"Dude, my dog just died."
by Squeed February 22, 2005
much better than good.

It's used only in Scandinavia and South America

I though this song is good, but it really is doog :D (it means is much better than expected)
by eduardo sotomayor January 05, 2006
Doog means dog with an extra poo hole.
Dude, look at that dog, it's doing two shits at once, dooging man..!
by Deloris December 12, 2005
A flacid penis. Synonymous with Doug Hackett. Antonymous with Largemen.
He is a doog. Doog is not good.
by Desolution March 09, 2015

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