a very ugly dog .
DUDE, what a doog .
by TEAMABC-ER . January 25, 2010
a word that can be substituted for fuck or bro or ass
whats up my doog?
what the doog was that?
take it and shove it up my doog!
by Qualles Johnson September 04, 2010
A female dog that smells like a dude.
This dog smells like a doog!
by Riceet2 December 21, 2009
Doogs are another word for pain-relieving prescription drugs such as Hydrocodone & Oxy-contin.
Last night Marcus and I popped 6 doogs each and fucking rolled hard !
by Doogie Hauser August 19, 2008
A piece or multiple pieces of feces; shit
I just dropped a big ol' doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005
A dude that is a dawg.
yO WhaTtuP doog!? What it bE iS crAckin gangsta G?!?
by mickey l brown January 30, 2008
A disgusting salted milk beverage found in persian/greek restaurants. The drink tastes hauntingly familiar to semen and is usually only ingested on a dare.
So we got B. Wade to drink that bottle of Doog we brought back from the kabob place for 10 bucks. He lurched because he thought we all jizzed in the bottle.
by jgonza July 10, 2008

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