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Someone who acts like they don't care. Dedric's has a heart of gold but they are very sarcastic. Often seem quiet around people they are not familiar around. They often enjoy alcohol beverages and they can have a twisted sense of humor. Having them in your life is a blessing; yet a headache. Chances are if you have them hold on to them
Dedric's make the sweetest partners
by smileforu*1119 November 13, 2013
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Super HOTT! Trustworthy. Caring. Honest. Loyal. Knows how/when to take care of buisness. Knows how to take care of his body because it is his temple. His sexiness can only be compared to the female NIKKI. A NIKKI is the only woman who could handle all of his MANHOOD. These two have many of the same characteristics & belong together. They know it & if ever in the same room setting together everyone else will know it too. DEDRIC is the only one that can handle a NIKKI NYMPHOMANIAC.
Look at Dedric & Nikki, those two are the FINEST two human beings on the planet.
by BrownSugaPop June 05, 2008
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