Semen, ejaculate.
Dude, if I'm going to give a girl my doog, she had better swallow it.

My doog was totally dripping of her chin.
by dshuejktaes January 28, 2011
Native slang for "dick".
That guy has a big doog!
by Dooga-doog December 08, 2010
to be insane or weird or embarrassing
yo that bitch is so doog

do i look doog today?
by kikiandmike April 16, 2011
It's like Dude and Dog mixed together, derived from Doogie Howsers' name. First coined by the band Sailing With Ghosts.
Guy 1- Hey, what's up!?
Guy 2-Nothing Doog! How about you?
Guy 1- What the hell?
by TheDeadPirate August 17, 2010
created by a bunch of So Cal dudes,its someone you call like saying "whats up dude" instead its Doog or Doogie
Tyler: Wuz Up Ma Doog!?
Morgan: Sup Doogie Doog!
by TYLERisMiSfIt June 28, 2011
This is the common mis-spelling of the word 'good' when you are either intoxicated, confused, delirious, not concentrating, or just downright stupid.

Doog may also be construed as the word 'dog' for someone who doesn't realise that the victim of the typo meant 'good'.

But it is not 'dog'. It is 'good'.
"Hey Shaniqua!
I passed my exam, I'm so happy!"

"Aw, Tia, thats so doog man!"
by SophieAndHelen March 20, 2010
When one's sheets move out of place, or come untucked.
Oh no, my sheets are in a doog!
by Howie Quinn February 12, 2011

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