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Girls named Donyae tend to be funny, innocent, sexy, honest, loud , and very sincere, and if you where to ever run into a girl named Donyae it would be in your best interest to grab her and never let go ; trust me she’s a keeper .

Guy Donyae’s on the other hand have just about the same qualities except they can be a bit more of players , and a bit meaner , why the girl Donyae isn’t mean at all but if you cross her the wrong way she will make you pay surely and slowly.

Also Donyae’s of both sex ( guy and girl) tend to be really good at public speaking , and sports.
Donyae is the funniest kid in class.
by Beverley Jhon July 21, 2010
the best wife and mother ever and thinks BONJOVI is cool
Donya E listens to bonjovi with her husband
by curtdaddy August 03, 2010
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