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She is beautiful inside and out! deeply loved by all her friends and family. Smart, witty, sexy and confident. all the girls want to be like her and all the guys want to have sex with her.
I wish I could be more like Donya.
by oblady February 03, 2010
Gorgeous,beautiful eyes, great personality, outgoing , funny, the perfect girl , hard to forget , lovely ,smart, she can keep a fun conversation , never ever let her go, treat from what she is - a princess <3 .everyone loves her.never ignore her. And the man who gets to spend his life with her, will be the luckiest man ever. dont get her mad or you'll pay for it. just be good with her,but the most important always be there for her never dissapoint her. (:
first guy : look she's pretty , whats her name?
second guy : its donya, & she's the perfect girl .
by egc20 October 26, 2011
The best sister in the world!!!!!!!!
Donya is a booger
by Big Brother is watching u2 February 05, 2010
sexy girl with beautiful blue eyes and is addicted to sex
what wouldnt i give to have myself a girl like Donya
by xmorph August 28, 2008
(noun) A colloquial contraction of the phrase 'good on ya'.

Derived from Australian slang, it may be used literally but is more commonly used as a derogatory or sarcastic expression.
Aww donya! You bunch of little bastards had better clean it up before I get home from the footy.
by essendonalgorithmkittencoffee March 23, 2011
A name for someone who is exceedingly annoying and doesn't quite grasp the concept of banter.

Also can be someone of low wit, humour and common sense.

Can usually be defined by the common mating call, "it's not even funnaaay, I don't speak like thatttt..."
Person 1: What's the holocaust?
Person 2: Having another Donya moment, are we?

Person 1: The trouble is I really don't talk like that though...
Person 2: Quit being such a Donya about it.
by FarmerInACarAlarma March 03, 2011

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