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Used as a disparaging term for an Australian person.

Nigger is to black man, as Dondo is to Australian man.
That dondo likes kangaroos.
by Drew November 25, 2004
One who is originating Redondo Beach, California. Not all people who live in Redondo Beach are "Dondoes", but outside their native environment this is what they are known as.
Is there a brett on the bus? We're missing Brett.
Who the fuck is Brett? and where's Dondo?

I surfed Topaz the other day and saw the biggest flock of Dondo's!
by PV WH1T3 B0Y33 February 25, 2008
dickhead (big headed crazy eyed cunt faggot)
girl: see that guy?
guy: yeh wat a dondo!
by kirky88 March 29, 2006
Cranky, look at the size of the trouser snake on that Dondo.
I'll just sneak up behind him and shove me thumb up his arse.
by buckfutter December 09, 2004
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