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A Tiggly Wiggly is a penis that is too short to masturbate by conventional methods. It can only be masturbated using a strumming motion. The technical term, microbation, is similar to the motion required to play a guitar, or base guitar, but requires holding the entire length within the palm of the hand.
Michael, Richard, and Brett didn't come out last weekend because each one was working hard on his own Tiggly Wiggly.
by Buckfutter September 09, 2014
Commander of all Choads
Dude, you need to wash your balls before Lepelope declares war on your grundle.
by buckfutter October 21, 2003
An object such as a club or brick used to get a girl in the mood for romance.

The Datemaster 9000 is an aluminum bat with an optional foam silencer.

The Datemaster 750 SS is the old school Louisville slugger.
Things got off to a rocky start with Cinnamon, but after I reached behind the couch and grabbed my datemaster it was bing, bang, boom let's go back to my room.
by buckfutter November 09, 2004
Going a long, long time without sex.
A wise man once said, I'd gladly choose suicide over being on the schneid.
by buckfutter November 09, 2004
Cranky, look at the size of the trouser snake on that Dondo.
I'll just sneak up behind him and shove me thumb up his arse.
by buckfutter December 09, 2004
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