A british word meaning someone with man boobs who dates persians
I hate Dom marven, and his dog payvand
by Sam Lehmann January 08, 2008
To dominate, own, pwn. Originated in Redding, CT.
"We totally dommed the other team last night!"
by haffeysucks December 07, 2006
A Dom is a young male who enjoys climbing tree to get the rooftops.
Once on said rooftop Dom will slide down the chimney and begin his work.
This busy beaver works his way through the house to collect things to use for his...funtimes.
He has a killer kitten on look out and a cow for a speedy getaway.
Dom enjoys sleeping in other peoples beds.....and fields.
Every morning he is greeted by strange lighting that proceeds to follow his every move till sundown.
At night Dom enjoys the city of owls and the world of shrines and kitten dressed young women.
All hail Dom.
King of the non-transformers.
by GLITTAAAAAAAAA August 06, 2009
V. To dominate, own, pwn, school, tool, work, etc.
Adj. Short for dominant
N. Short for domination

Originated in Atlanta, Ga in 2004. Now wordage is spreading to surrounding states.
You just got dommed dude.
That is so dom.
I'm going to dom you tonight in lax.
by I Am Dom January 05, 2008
Some people think DOM means dirty old man. They have filthy minds.
People with clean minds know this means Distinguished Older Man.
Many women in their 40s who have reared their family are liberated sexually.
They thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of having a D O M to escort them on
a regular basis around the social scene
by St. Ias September 25, 2005
Stands for Dirty Old Man Syndrome. Is used to help justify ogling of younger women.
Did you see the new marketing intern in the low cut shirt? My DOMS was out of control; I just couldn't look away!
by achillesd August 13, 2008
Drunk Open Mouth Syndrom: A case in which a person becomes so plastered that they feel the need to take numerous pictures with their hands in the air and their mouth wide open, as if in mid scream. Pictures posted on facebook with such an expression are identified immediately as "blackout nights".
"Dude, sarah was so tanked last night"
"I know man, classic case of DOMS in her pics!"
by Maggie Da Boss August 25, 2011

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