This word is typically used to express how overly smart a person is or has been. It may be used when referring to an aced test or extra credit on a test.
Person 1: Holy shit, I got 57 out of 35 on my Calculus Test.
Person 2: That's such a Dom.
Person 1: You're just mad because I'm a genius.
Person 2: Fuck you.
by CaptainHammerr January 29, 2011
A noise made when drinking. The drinking equivalent of 'om nom nom'.
Dom dom dom dom.
by Malinah October 02, 2010
A guy who DOMinates all that he does..

If he can't do it better than you.. he can atleast do it one handed.

He also (unintentionally) changes his voice when he talks on the phone.. He will often talk in a girlier (not to say girly) voice.

He loves to pick on his siblings and is often best friends with atleast one of his cousins.
Dom: Hey, Tiffany's still sleeping.. let's put an egg in her mouth, so when she wakes up she crushes it and gags on it

Steven: DO IT! Just DO IT!
by Steven Savio August 30, 2008
Dom means sexy, bootylicious, buffilicious, damn fine,spankable.
Also it is another word for shag.
dyyyyaaaamn girl yoour dom
i wanna dom you up and down
by Joey69 October 10, 2007
a dominant homosexual female mostly used in the African American community on the east coast;
the more masculine female is assumed to be the dom but that is not always the case because there are feminine females that are "dominant" also
Since I wear the pants in the relationship people assume I'm the dom but she is the one that really runs the show.
by 13_BaLLin_CoWs June 06, 2005
Dirty Old Man. Those people you meet at family gathering and in various public places. They might ask for little girls to join them on their laps. You can tell by the looks of them they just are perverted old men.
The Doms in the park hit on my 9 year old sister.
by Klusky January 25, 2005
C12 H19 N O2

A powerful psyhedelic/hallucinogenic phenethylamine.
Also known as STP, which stood for "Serenity, Tranquility, and Peace", "Super Terrific Psychedelic", or "Stop the Police". (the name was gotten from STP Motor Oil, and some "drug experts" claimed that they were the same substance)
A famous event that gave DOM a bad reputation was the Human Be-In on January 14, 1967, where 5,000 doses were given away for free. However, they were 15 mg doses, which is unfortunately quite a bit higher than a normal, "safe" dose of the drug. In normal doses, DOM is typically regarded as an incredibly pleasant, gentle trip (despite the duration)
Dosage range: ~3-10 milligrams
Effects typically last from 12-20 hours, so if one were to take it, they ought to be ready for a full-day experience.
DOM is a Schedule 1 drug in the United States, and is currently extremely uncommon.
I completely tripped face on DOM at Burning was better than a 10-strip!
by lkpjh August 13, 2004
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