A short term for a condom
I used a dom on your mom last night
by stolzy1669 December 01, 2011
to dominate. mostly an abbreviation, but dom is a more intense and colloquial form of dominate.
Dude did you see Slumdog Millionaire at the Academy Awards? 8 Oscars. It totally domd.
by voxanimus February 23, 2009
A person who is a hero, legend, a tank and very good looking.
Wow Look at Dom!
by Brfc1884 March 24, 2011
only the coolest person ever, also known as pimp daddy or supa fly, you can see him with the coolest of g's

also a soon to be famous rapper from da hood in colorado

word to a brotha

Alexis: "Dom kicks ass!!"
Everyone else in the freakin world: "Heeeelll yeah he does!!!"

Dom: "Thank you, represent"
by dom the rapper April 11, 2006
Short for "Dominant" this shortened version usually refers to a male Dominant in a BD/SM relationship as opposed to a female Dominant or Domme.
Doms are more common than Dommes because by nature females are usually more submisive.
by WebWolfAlpha February 06, 2005
Short for Condom, or rubber.
Yo man did you rememeber to bring the Doms?
by Jeff Jollingsworth September 22, 2007
name given to the dumbass in your possy or clique. the kid who will say the dumbest most uncalled for phrase that make no sense what so ever.
Brett: you werent running as fast as drew
Ruben: i wasnt trying. if i wanted to i could have ran by him and kicked him in his face.

ruben would now have the dom
by jake schlembach June 25, 2006
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