A commonly used term found in online computer gaming trash talk, this slang is used in place of words such as dominator, domination or dominating.
I dom shitty players with ease.
by trademe900 June 02, 2009
A guy who DOMinates all that he does..

If he can't do it better than you.. he can atleast do it one handed.

He also (unintentionally) changes his voice when he talks on the phone.. He will often talk in a girlier (not to say girly) voice.

He loves to pick on his siblings and is often best friends with atleast one of his cousins.
Dom: Hey, Tiffany's still sleeping.. let's put an egg in her mouth, so when she wakes up she crushes it and gags on it

Steven: DO IT! Just DO IT!
by Steven Savio August 30, 2008
Dom means sexy, bootylicious, buffilicious, damn fine,spankable.
Also it is another word for shag.
dyyyyaaaamn girl yoour dom
i wanna dom you up and down
by Joey69 October 10, 2007
1. Short for dominate or domination.
2. Have Sexual Intercourse with.
1. I'm going to dom you tonight in our basketball game.
2. I brought that girl into my hotel room and dommed her.
by Eli June 19, 2006
When someone does something G or tight or cool or awesome etc.

(Taken from "The fast and the furious", because dom was so badass)
"yo did you see that kick ass movie?"

"yea nigga that shit was so dom"
by Psychotic G April 07, 2009
The Dom is a strange character, he is like a turtle, very slow and hasnt a clue whats going on. The Dom is also commonly known as FUDGE becuase this is what Dom got for his GCSE's.
Dom smokes cannabis, this is a reason for why he never have a clue whats going on. And why he is so slow. Dom is lazy and can never be bothered to do anything apart from if it is going to collect cannabis or smoke it. Dom cannot keep a job for more than a week, this is becuase of his lazyness and need to smoke cannabis. Dom is a little bit on the tubby side, this is probably becuase all he eats is microwaved bacon. Dom enjoys skateboarding, basketball, smoking cannabis, camping and many other exciting things. HE is also soon to go on the doll/jobseekers, even though if he does get a job he wont go. He wil spend all his doll money on cannabis and he wil love every minute of it!. Its a good life for Dom and i wish i could be Dom, just chillin all day smoking a joint. Dom is a living ledgend.
Me: You coming out dom ?
D: Why what you doing
Me: Just chillin
D: Nah its boring
Me: Jacks got weed?
D: Ok ill come out.
by Jack HEadford May 29, 2008
A midget with a mullet, who plays in an emo band but believes that he or she is hardcore.

Ex. That guy from my unsaid everything is such a dom.

Ex. What a fag, that dom couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
by domalexanthonyhavegayorgies June 26, 2007

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