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Unknown origin. It was not till summer of 2002 that doffy was fully realized by his lover Wock. They make make sweet love. Anal sex only.
He enjoys short wocks on the beach, followed by pounding of the rectum. :) k thx hes mine- sry.
"Dooooooffaaayyy!" also see magic conch
by Arthur October 17, 2004
A photograph with artistic touch added by the clever use of Depth of Field (DOF). The resulting image has the subject of the photo in perfect focus and the background partially or completely blurred.
That doffy pic is dope, bro!
What's the aperture? this photo's real doffy!
by pixelpoet May 25, 2015
A woman who has red chest hair that ranges from 4-5 inches.
I would fuck that doffy any-day!
by britlie January 23, 2011
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