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Depth of Field (Photographic Term)
The area within the DOF appears sharp while the areas in front of and beyond the DOF appear blurry.
by Billy the English Boy May 14, 2008
A noun, verb, and adjective. Strongly reliant upon inflection. Generally means to be awesome, a state of awesomeness (or stupidity), and to do something awesome. Can be used as "dofness" "dofity" "doffed" or as an expression of indifference like "duh"
That kid who sits in front of me is so dof. He won't shut up.
by Harriet Putter January 07, 2011
Destroyer of fun.
one who destroys all the fun in the atmosphere.
When this girl who had fupa didnt want to fuck. i was like bitch u be a dof.
by ItsElectric BoogieWoogie July 09, 2011
Afrikaans word which, when used as slang, means "thick" as in "stupid".
"Hey, put that knife away! Don't be dof, man!
by The1 February 14, 2005
D.O.F = Duel of Fate.

Said on RPG games, meaning Duel of Fate. You roleplay intense fighting and whoever loses must leave the server / RPG.

The loser usually doesn't leave because it's cyber-world, and then opponent can't actually physically hurt them.
*Habbo Hotel*

Guy 1: lol, yh sure cnt. fk off plz kty.
Guy 2: DOF dude. DOF. come on.
Guy 1: lolsure. sure dude.
by RPG,GALLLLL November 17, 2011
Date Of Fuck. Working backwards the nine months before you were born to find out when your parents had sex.
Jim: Dude, so I was working out my DOF and found out that my parents must have fucked around christmas!

Larry: Talk about holiday magic!
by lorenzovonmatterhorn432 March 24, 2011
D.O.F - Short for "Destroyer of Fun" or wife
Hey dude can you go surfing today? Nah my D.O.F said I have to spend time with her. Dude that sucks.
by Juniorboi June 04, 2009
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