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Originally from Sponge Bob Square Pants. Then, it was used in CS. It is an all knowing power source which few can handle. Ask any question, and you shal get the awsner. Frequently used by Wock and Doffy for all their cs needs.
Doffy : What should we do this round?
Magic Conch: Nothing
Doffy: The shell has spoken, allallalllalalaallalalallaalla.
by Arthur October 17, 2004
This isn't from the SpongeBob Square Pants movie, read "Lord of the Flies" sometime guys.

The Magic Conch was like an Indian Feather, the holder of the feather was the one who "had the floor", and was the only one who was suppose to speak.
Ralph has the Magic Conch, it's his turn to Speak.
by Zephaniah July 28, 2007
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