A small nugget of shit that is really hard to push out.

Used commonly buy Mars PA boys as an insult.
1. I was in the bathroom for an hour just to shit out this dode.

2. Its puff puff pass you dode.
by Josh Collier April 19, 2005
Top Definition
Females breasts originates from Dorric (Aberdonian) still used commonly
etimology unknown
male "oi, get yer dodes oot for us"
female "'ow much'll ya pay me?"
by you lier August 16, 2008
Large spherical objects often found on the female species or on larger males.
I say Quentin, what a fine pair of dodes Lady Penelope has.
by Christof the Magnificent August 18, 2006
a variation on the term "dude," meaning a fastidious and stylish man, potentially a homosexual.
"Dode is such a cool guy, sick yo!"
by sammy appelbaum August 25, 2006
1. In the verb form, it can mean anything. Mostly referred to as drinking or hooking up.

2. when someone says something stupid that no one cares about by saying "Oh Dodes?"
1. " Lets alll meet up at my boys house where we can get mad hot bids and dode."

1. B. "No ones home so we can easily dode"

2. "I am totally going to go to Lowes this weekend."

Response "Oh Dodes?"
by TheRealDode October 21, 2010
a combination of the words "dude" and "don't" - for when there's no time to say both - hence, the all caps.
DODE touch my pizza!

DODE cross yet! there's a fuckin bus coming!

DODE! (as in, "Dude, don't grab my ballocks!"
by RGK January 23, 2009
(Plural, noun) 1. Pot. 2. Any amount of the cannabis plant.
3. (Adj.) 1. Describes dank marijuana. Also: Dodie.
Noun ex: "Hey man, when are we going to pick up the dodes?"
"Where the dodes at?"

Adj. ex: "Oh shit nigga, that shit is the straight dodes(dodie).
by D-Rock. BSK affiliate. May 20, 2008
A derivative from the word 'chode,' essentially meaning a penis that is significantly skinnier than it is wide. Some might call it the anti-chode.
Dode....#2 be the judge
by The Dung Beetle May 04, 2009
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