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Dodie, another term for marijuana.
Lemme cop some dodies bruh
by xDefiancebruh January 09, 2011
Pertaining to marijuana
Can I buy a nickel sack of dodie?
Ay, yo, this dodie is fire.
by iLLesT_mAmi March 18, 2005
some bomb ass weed
"Hey wheres all the dodie at?"
by rtown_chief November 02, 2009
Greek for smokin HOT!!! Tall, blonde, gorgeous!! The most intelligent, athletic, kind-hearted woman. Able to keep her man satisfied anytime. Honest and a good friend.
Hey did you see that Dodie that just walked in?
Yeah she is smokin hot!!
by Big Bad Bobbe Boy February 04, 2010
A skanky bitch that fucks and steals other women's husbands!
Dodie is such a whore, she stole Carol's husband
by PipeDream February 07, 2010
To strike a male in the scrotom.
The word is also used as a sarcastic warning when delivering the painful blow.
Jason yelled dodie as he hit jeffery in the nut's.
by benny_64 February 17, 2009