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A derivative from the word 'chode,' essentially meaning a penis that is significantly skinnier than it is wide. Some might call it the anti-chode.
Dode....#2 pencil....you be the judge
by The Dung Beetle May 04, 2009
87 104
A derogatory term for a child, typically young, though not always.
Julie isn't coming to the party, she couldn't find a babysitter for her dode.
by Waruiko December 20, 2011
6 27
1. N., Slang for Penis.
Kelly said that Chris has a huge dode.
by Ryan Haines March 02, 2008
67 110
Another term for penis.
Jenny is such a slut. She loves to slarve dode.
by Captain Awesome October 27, 2003
85 137
A blow job, originated in Pacifica, CA during late 1997.
"That girl definitely slangs a mean dode!"
by woodrow8 July 25, 2009
32 88
a man who's got your back no matter what; a guy who is a bro
I was getting mugged when Taylor came out of nowhere and clobbered the mugger in the back of the head with a leafblower- What a dode!

Taylor put in a good word for me with the girl I like: Taylor's my dode.
by damullinstrain April 09, 2010
7 66
When a Women has a SHort Vagina. Not a Tight Pussy. But a short vagina that cannot fit a Penis all the way in it. In other words the penis reaches the end of the uterus without full insertion.-Antony Basta
My girlfriend has a Dode. I couldn't fit my 6.5 incher in all the way
by Vansbutsneakers April 21, 2009
11 84