Slang for "Good" or "great"
also can be used instead of awesome
Sup, look at this new shirt I got
Dude, that's doc.
by doctor doc July 14, 2011
funky ass rapper from the west coast and signed with Ruthless recordz
Its getting funky in here! u listenting to the D.O.C
by random user April 16, 2005
Doc, aka Dr. Emmett L. Brown, Marty McFly's delorean-owning, time-travelling, crazy-haired, excitable mad scientist friend throughout the Back To The Future series.
"Doc, are you telling me you built a time machine . . . out of a Delorean?"
"The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style."
by Artstar June 04, 2005
Dick On Call

A man who can be called upon at anytime to satisfy your sexual needs.

Pronounced as doc (as in short for doctor)
Girl 1: Hey what are you up to tonight?

Girl 2: Just called my DOC so I'm sure I'll be getting it in tonight.
by Smile4B January 04, 2011
Stands for Dirty Outright Coon. Describing a black person in an offensive manner. They may be called dirty because of thier colour, or maybe just as they occasionaly act in a dirty way.
'Hey D.O.C '

'What's up D.O.C'
by Ross A. King May 06, 2007
The name of a GI Joe character that has a penchant, for telling kids not to "hit it," with reggae.
The song goes as:
"Jamaica mon fus, mi naily ded wid laugh,
a watching de people rush de door like harbour shark,
So come!
Fun time deh yah, a time fi di bus ride,
sunshine deh yah, a time fi di bus ride.
Suhshine deh yah, a time fi di bus ride,
fun time deh yah, a time fi di bus ride,
Hey, it's Doc.
by Jools Mandelbrot April 01, 2004
dr. dres nigga that almost died in car crash
i rememba tha day u crushed thats fucked up i neva foget wut u went through d.o.c.
by homie July 29, 2003

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