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When a girl, most likely a teenager, has the ability to turn into a fairy with a spectrum of powers and spells. When you go winx, your outfit and wings reflect your personality. Earning your winx is like a second puberty, for girls, while a boy's second puberty would normally be becoming a hero. Some girls are late bloomers when it comes to earning your winx.
Girl 1: "So, Lotte, have you earned your winx yet?"
Girl 2: "Ugh,'s my freshman year and I still havent gotten it! How old were you when you got it?"

Girl 1: ".....8th grade...."

Boy 1: "Guess what?"
Boy 2: "What?!"
Boy 1: "My girlfriend, Lotte got her winx last night at the bowling alley!"
by thatwinxchikee June 17, 2010
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