1. a doctor, a physician

2. a man, a fellow

3. a documentary
Hey doc, which way is it to the skating rink?
#croaker #doctor #quack #monkey #fart #chap #hombre
by Light Joker April 23, 2006
A colloquialism for Army medics and Navy corpsman, usually as an endearing term or a term of respect.
Hey Doc, does this look normal to you?
#medic #corpsman #army #marines #navy
by Watisthisidonteven June 22, 2011
Dealer on campus
"I have my chemistry final tomorrow I need to go see the doc for some addies."
#dealer #druggie #pharmacist #hero #sandman
by baki January 11, 2015
Drug of choice; an "undercover" word of sorts.
Weed has never been my D.O.C., it's never prescribed anything to cure me of my troubles.
by XDVusJuggalettex May 30, 2004
Dick On Command - When a female easily has access to having sex with guys only when she needs it. Too add, she might have numerous options to choose from at a time.
Bro, I was catching up with one of my old friends from high school. I must say she has DOC with all the guys chasing after her.
#dick magnet #hot girl #succubus #dick pleaser #heart breaker
by KittsBunnyButt September 14, 2013
Doc , common since guy who can do just about anything he want and be great at it. Doc is a rare name and are a rare guy there sweet, charming, and get along with any and everybody. doc's are very hard working and money hungry so if you find one keep them cause they'll treat you right
hey doc your awesome
#fun #smart #outgoing #talented #annoying
by Cash man March 30, 2012
Refers to software documentation or documents. Many ignorant computer users don't bother to read software docs.
Ignorant Bastard: How do I install this program?

Angry Programmer: Read the docs!
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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