Abbreviation for Detective on Call
Before Sherlock Holmes was a class A detective, he was a DoC.
by JimmyKudo June 25, 2005
Not to be confused with "Dockers", but following the same pseudo-tough image!
see DMs
Alice: That gal Traicy's not fit ta kiss mah Docs!
Sarah: Look, Alice, they're ENGLISH, right? Just like you. And stop slagging Tracy off. Girl can't help the way she is!
Alice: She gunna feel the steel toecap o mah noo Docs up ho' slutty ayuss, if she don't keep ho' paws offa mah Aidan!
Sarah: (d'Ohhhhhhh ....)
by kofi May 15, 2003
Drunk on Cum
I swallowed 20 loads of cum from different guys, and now I am so Drunk On Cum! (D.O.C.)
by cum lover November 28, 2010
Short for "dude on couch" otherwise known as being a total badass
Doc's really name is David
by DoC Smiles October 27, 2008
What Bugs Bunny Calls Elmer Fudd
When Bugs Walks up to Elmer he says:
"Ahhh What's Up Doc"
by bob March 11, 2005
Disciples of Christ

, don't kno what else to write
Disciples of Christ

, don't kno wat else to write
by Revere781 January 25, 2005
Modern nickname for the Purdue Pharma prescription painkiller OxyContin. Usually used when multiple OxyContin pills are present.
"Yo, you got any docs left?"

"These docs got me so high right now"
by Chris January 03, 2005

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