stands for drink of choice, what your going to drink that night when you aren't going to bed or getting up the following day
Dude what's your D.O.C. tonight? O i'm def going with Coors light bottle necks.
#drink of choice #drink your going to consume #favorite alcoholic beverage #what your drinking #describing your drink
by Brettc7 March 19, 2006
Top Definition
Short for 'doctor'. Also used as a nickname for helpful people. This nickname was held by the famous dentist and gunslinger named John Henry "Doc" Holliday.
1. Hey, I'm off to see the doc about my cold.


2. Hey Doc, cure any heartbreak lately?
by NemesisKismet April 24, 2005
Shoes or boots by Dr. Marten's or Doc Martens. Some of the best footwear in the world- even America.
Damn- I just scuffed my new Doc's!!
by Bruno January 06, 2004
Department of Corrections. They are well known for running the prison system. A guy by the name of DOC also describes himself as Dr. Dre's homie.
The DOC runs the jail in which I serve.
by T-Dog Jenkins April 20, 2005
A new street drug that's a combination of amphetamine and a hallucinogen (similar to LSD). The outcome is like an acid trip, but ALOT stronger. Its orgins are unknown, but it's real easy to get in LA - if u hit up the right alley.
"Yo, my dude just made a visit to tha DOC, and now his ass is runnin into walls and seeing shit!"
#doc #drug #lsd #hallucinogen #amphetamine
by N.L. June 05, 2006
DOC is an abbreviation for "Drug of choice."
On the street:

"What's your DOC?"
"How much you want?"
#doc #drug of choice #d.o.c. #question #covert
by Johnny Haze May 13, 2007
Dr. Martens .Company based out of England. Originally worn by British skinheads, and since then have been used as a definition of punk and skinhead subcultures. Originally skinheads were Dock workers in England and used the steel-toes as protection from crates falling on their feet(this has lost all purpose because if something REALLY heavy falls on your toe if you have new docs, your toe will be chopped off....lovely huh?) Please do not assume that all skinheads wearing Docs are neo-nazis, because neo's just took what the traditional skinheads had for theirs. Next time you see someone wearing Docs, please dont assume they're nazis, because I wear docs and I'm a SHARP skin.
Pop Punk who thinks he knows everything: "Hey you stupid Nazi"
Skinheaad: "What fuckface? Just cause I'm wearing Docs doesnt mean I'm a Nazi. For that I'm gonna kick your face in with my steel toes, FUCKER."
by SHARP No. 1567 October 13, 2004
Slang for "Good" or "great"
also can be used instead of awesome
Sup, look at this new shirt I got
Dude, that's doc.
#awesome #good #great #amazing #sweet
by doctor doc July 14, 2011
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