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Short for 'doctor'. Also used as a nickname for helpful people. This nickname was held by the famous dentist and gunslinger named John Henry "Doc" Holliday.
1. Hey, I'm off to see the doc about my cold.


2. Hey Doc, cure any heartbreak lately?
by NemesisKismet April 24, 2005
The act of making something funny.
Ask James' dad if he enjoys the Benny Goodman Orchestra. Please try to pronounce name properly. Name not even funny on its own. Name not even susceptible to funnification.

(From Shoebox Project #1 on LiveJournal.)
by NemesisKismet April 26, 2006
Ten times worse than normal giggling, sometimes resembling an orgasm or leading to one.
The chat's topic has changed to: Sympathy for the Devil? Yeah, we have some.
Michele_the_shade : oro...
Sïderø : XD
«Aesma» : *innocent*
Michele_the_shade : *gigglegasm*
by NemesisKismet July 02, 2006
N. Plural for octopus.
Girl: Look at all the octopods!
Boy: Octopi, you mean.
Random Stranger: No, octopuses.
Girl: Actually, they're both right, but octopods is a lot more fun to say.
by NemesisKismet July 20, 2006
Brimble is defined as a small fish that lives under rocks and eats cheese. It is the mice of the fish. Thus, someone who is a brimble, can also be called a mouse.
A: Nerd.
B: Brimble.
A: If I'm a brimble, give me some damn cheese!
by NemesisKismet December 18, 2005

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