The names and #'s that telemarketers take down when the customer is rude and nasty about the call. Many times a drunk telemarketer will take these lists out and prank with their friends.
"I told YOU people to stop calling! Put me on you Do Not Call List!"

No problem sir...

Later that night---

May I speak with Mr. ****?

by BB February 18, 2004
Top Definition
(n) a hypothetical list of people that no one in a certain group would ever intentionally call
Apparently, I accidentally signed up for the female Do Not Call List years ago, and that's why I have nothing better to do than sit on my ass posting Urban Dictionary entries.
by BeardedFatass May 18, 2004
A list made by the government that you get put on to keep those damn telemarketing companies from harrassing the shit out of you. one of the best ideas (if not the ONLY one) that this government has come up with lately.
The Do Not Call List is every telemarketer's nightmare.
by Laird December 09, 2003
One of the better things Bush has done during his administration. And don't give me that "freedom of speech" bullshit you pansy-licking cock-suckers. The whole reason why it was enacted is because telemarketers are too fucking stupid to understand the basic concept of that if I want something, I'll simply go out and buy it myself, and I don't need you overweight highschool dropout slimeballs ringing me eleven times a day to sell me piano lessons for my children or health insurance courtesy of transmarketglobalmegacorporationsIncorporated.
Thank you, President Bush, for helping me get rid of these inane asshats who don't realize that I don't have the money to buy their stupid shit or give to their retarded political causes.
by C-can January 18, 2004
the list most telemarketers call when they are bored
telemarketer 1: dood, i'm fucking bored

telemarketer 2: me too...oh i know, lets call that 'do not call list' and fuck w/ the idiots on it!
by paul December 28, 2003
I am so sad, it will take away millions of jobs from poor degenerate obese dregs of society, and illegal immigrants :(
Now if only Waldo could do good things on a consistent basis...
by Elite January 21, 2004
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