A cute little chubby boy with chubby cheeks that people like to pinch
that boy is a dixon
by hellafred February 13, 2009
A person pertaining to the likeness of a dumbass.
Dumbass Dixon and the toilet water.
by steve January 16, 2005
being a dick
dude, your seriously dixon.
by gossip girl September 25, 2003
A Ticonderoga pencil often joked about for sounding like the word "Dick."
Hey everybody, I have a soft, black Dixon! Wanna use it?
by Gunmaster45 May 03, 2008
Gay ass town in illinois
Everyone there sucks
Ya, I went to Dixon the other day.
What the hell were you doing in that gay town?
A cool guy who gets confused very easily...also a big fan of blink 182. perfectly straight and does NOT watch gay porn...
Dixon: Im gonna go gay with Ryan
Me: Lol, might get him of my back
Dixon: Lol, osryr ogt regected :/
by Llayney Barker (hehe, i wish) March 17, 2004
a guy that cheats on most of his girlfriends, and wanks over his dads gay fest dvds.
Dixon: I was once watching porn, and this bit came up and it was like a gay fest, I couldnt fast forward it. so I watched it
Me: *gasp*
by gay fest dvd March 02, 2004

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