complete and utter pansey. One who complains incessantly because they are unable to cope with the reality that they suck.
That dude is a total Dixon. All I hear about is how he cannot satisfy Anita.

That Dixon over there totally dropped the ball on thinkorswim's DT calls because he was too busy crying.
by Marc McCain August 10, 2007
being a dick
dude, your seriously dixon.
by gossip girl September 25, 2003
A Ticonderoga pencil often joked about for sounding like the word "Dick."
Hey everybody, I have a soft, black Dixon! Wanna use it?
by Gunmaster45 May 03, 2008
A person pertaining to the likeness of a dumbass.
Dumbass Dixon and the toilet water.
by steve January 16, 2005
Gay ass town in illinois
Everyone there sucks
Ya, I went to Dixon the other day.
What the hell were you doing in that gay town?
A cool guy who gets confused very easily...also a big fan of blink 182. perfectly straight and does NOT watch gay porn...
Dixon: Im gonna go gay with Ryan
Me: Lol, might get him of my back
Dixon: Lol, osryr ogt regected :/
by Llayney Barker (hehe, i wish) March 17, 2004
a guy that cheats on most of his girlfriends, and wanks over his dads gay fest dvds.
Dixon: I was once watching porn, and this bit came up and it was like a gay fest, I couldnt fast forward it. so I watched it
Me: *gasp*
by gay fest dvd March 02, 2004

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