The cool side of One Directions fandom. They are the ones who'll make fun of the guys, and laugh about it without turning all barbarian. Also they are very perverted. Lots of people will claim to be directioners, but they really just are corny and carroty (only talk about the x factor days).
1Directionator(non-dedicated, annoying, and carroty 'fan') STOP CALLING ZAYN MEXICAN! HES MUSLIM, DIRECTIONATORS!
Directioner: *Picture of Zayn* no habla ingles. shut the fucko upo. ur padres es los siblingos.

2 Directionator: Obviously Niall doesn't wank, he's too innocent<333 (when Niall wank pictures were leaked on thanksgiving)
by payneinthearse February 19, 2013
Some one who really like or loves one direction the English British band formed in the x factor from Simon. Like belibers for Justin Bieber.
Person one: Who is you favorite band.

Person two: I will give you a hint I am a directioner.

Person one: One Direction.

Person two: Yes.
by MrRyanz November 17, 2012
A fandom for a band of homosexuals and are mostly made up of 12 year olds and single moms
jessie:im such a Directioner
Cory: you're a fan of a bunch of homos
by Cory Bryson December 31, 2013
Most likely obsessed crazy retards that love the band so much that they will spy on the five at any time. It's amazing that these "fans" will do anything for them. They are the most inconsiderate people I've ever seen. Although 1D has no musical talent at all but yet the fans still love them.
Ugh those Directioners need to get a life
by BloodMoney125 September 16, 2013
People who love five wonderful boys, One Direction. They are very dedicated to them, and will do anything for them. You will know if you are talking to one if they use a face with"¡(" and ")¡" in it.
Sydney and Bailey:Omg! I saw Kevin today! ¡(°•°)¡

Bob:You are are an Directioners?
by SydeySmith565 March 29, 2013
Crazy fans who believe they will someday marry one of the ppl from One Direction. They also believe that if you like one direction and you know nothing about them that you are a Directionator. Which is a fake fan. Basically their bonkers and messed ... ignore them.
directioner: Oh so you're a fan whose Paul?

normal human being : umm... i dont know is it one of the band members?

Directioner: DIRECTIONATOR!!!!!!
by frofro April 20, 2012
a fanatic fan who fangirls over One Direction

If you are a Directioner you are most likely cooler then everyone else
Directioners all ship
~Larry Stylinson~
by ANONYMOUS9846512 June 14, 2012

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