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A annoying girl on tumblr who has deluded her self into think that One Direction is good, and also that she will one day marry a member of that "band"
by LolaLeroux May 14, 2012
the most fucking awesome people on the planet.

these girls (and guys) will stand by One Direction no matter what. even when the freakin zombie apocalypse comes.

some of them walk around town with their 5/5 follows and front row concert tickets and backstage passes, while most of them sit around all day in front of their computers wishing that they could go to a concert. oh, and fangirling. FANGIRLING

SOMETHING TO NOTE: do NOT mess with Directioners. they are a very dangerous species. just know that if you say one thing bad about 1D, they will track you down and possible kill you.
girl- "how come no one likes me?"
directioner- "bc you arent a directioner"
by leswagmasta May 24, 2014
Directioners are One Direction fans till the end. Whatever happens they will fight for them. Directioners are all over the world ex. US, UK, Australia, Spain, Japan, Philippines, etc... They can break Vevo in just 1 day. Some people say they are better than FBI. 5SOS is their Fandom BFF
by Directioner 101 March 09, 2014
One of the most annoying fan bases in the world, neck and neck with Beliebers. Not only are they 12 year old little girls who have never heard a decent song in their lifetime due to being born into a dying age of good music, they are also little shits that always get what they want, and aren't used to being told "no." They even go as far to show love to the prepubescent members of One Direction as to threaten family members of other bands.
Boy 1: What's that shit sound coming from upstairs?
Boy's girlfriend: Sorry, my little sister is one of the Directioners.
by jonnyandkitten June 22, 2014
psychotic girls who will literally do anything to have 1d notice them. they are the deadliest fandoms and send out thousands of hate messages a day. dont piss them off or insult one direction or the will kill you. their room decorations consist of one direction posters, one direction dolls, one direction bedsheets, and one direction everything. they try to find out where the boys are every second of the day. they are Class A stalkers.

CAUTION: Never get in the way of a directioner and her computer/phone. they will die without tumblr and twitter.
"OMG! Zayn's new hair! My ovaries!!"

"CARROTS! hahahaha!!!"

"ur nt a tru directionr if u use spewns!"


"you dont like 1d?!?!? DIRECTIONERS ARE GOING TO KILL YOU!
by AmericanFreak October 13, 2013
a group of fans that loved one direction a directioner is a dedicated non obsessed fan and they love there boys more than they love there self
omg im such a directioner i love one direction
by HAYLEY_OFFICIALLLL17 October 03, 2013
A Fandom That follows In the Footsteps of there Idols One Direction! The Directioner Fandom is never dull there is always drama going on to keep you active but these probblems always settle down after a while. Directioners arent just a fanbase they are a Family!
One Direction are soooo amazing!

Im a Directioner

Omg are you a Directioner too??

I Love Niall Harry Louis Liam Zayn
by OneDirectionGirl January 17, 2013