These crazy fans from the boy band One Direction. Seriously, these fans will do ANYTHING for them. They have no social life because they are on tumblr posting pics and GIFS of One Direction. They love them no matter what. There are some directioners who don't care about their family and friends because they only care about One Direction. DO NOT insult directioners or 1D. Because if you do, then say goodbye to your life.
Girl 1: Honestly, I don't like 1D. I rather listen to something else.
Directioner: Are you asking to be killed?!?!?
by Dogloverr2 October 11, 2013
The girls and guys of the one direction fandom. Primarily girls these girls will support one direction as they (1D) support the fandom.

Directioners will do anything to marry 1D. They will tweet to there fave thousands of times for a follow. Directioners are said to rule twitter. The fandom will create the most crazy hashtags or maybe the most heartfelt hashtags. It doesn't stop there. There are millions of girls or guys who will create fan fiction about the 1D boys shipping them with the ship names Larry (Harry,Louis) Ziam (Zayn,Liam) Narry (Niall,Harry) Zouis (Zayn,Louis) and Niam (Niall,Liam). Larry is a debate among the fandom, Directioners will pick 1/3 sides Larry is real! Larry is fake! And Idc.
Directioners: Marry me!!!! Have my children!
1D: lol!
by Fangirl 2.0 January 09, 2015
Someone you don't want to fuck with. They are hardcore One Direction fans. They are the deadliest fandoms of all and are the best at hacking and leaking songs/albums/pictures/videos.


"I'm a directioner."

"Best people you will ever meet."
by PinkyPhoto October 12, 2014
A family of beautiful, talented/skillful, dedicated, overprotective One Direction fans who own the world and every social media known to mankind.
Guy: do you know who they are?

NB: uh oh they're called Directioners. Don't mess with them if you don't want to be called a greasy burrito
by Bullshipper May 14, 2015
There are many hardcore One Direction fans. The One Direction fandom, is the deadliest fandom. Only certain people are allowed inside the fandom, and if you don't know the exact minute each boy was born, chances are they'll tear you to shreds because you claimed you were a 'Directioner'.

If you don't know the address of each boy, and their families by heart, you are not a 'Directioner'. If you haven't watched them since the X-Factor, you're not allowed in the fandom. If you don't know every inside joke-even if it was from three years ago-you're not a 'Directioner'.

So, if you don't know every last thing to know, about One Direction, don't call yourself a 'Directioner', because the fandom will rip you limb by limb.
If you say something like:
Niall likes Cats!
Harry loves Carrots!
Louis is 'Daddy Direction'!
Liam loves His Hair!
Zayn loves Food!,
You're not a Directioner.
by A Wise Person February 22, 2015
the most fucking awesome people on the planet.

these girls (and guys) will stand by One Direction no matter what. even when the freakin zombie apocalypse comes.

some of them walk around town with their 5/5 follows and front row concert tickets and backstage passes, while most of them sit around all day in front of their computers wishing that they could go to a concert. oh, and fangirling. FANGIRLING

SOMETHING TO NOTE: do NOT mess with Directioners. they are a very dangerous species. just know that if you say one thing bad about 1D, they will track you down and possible kill you.
girl- "how come no one likes me?"
directioner- "bc you arent a directioner"
by leswagmasta May 24, 2014
Directioners are One Direction fans till the end. Whatever happens they will fight for them. Directioners are all over the world ex. US, UK, Australia, Spain, Japan, Philippines, etc... They can break Vevo in just 1 day. Some people say they are better than FBI. 5SOS is their Fandom BFF
by Directioner 101 March 09, 2014

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