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mainly a young girl often misunderstood in this world very bright strong and beautiful. at times may be considered insecure and a push over but overall a good hearted woman. she could make a man weak in the knees and any girl wanna go lez.
dude! i wanna be like Jaycee when i grow up.
by jaybuggy October 23, 2008
Jaycees are very simple people once you get to know them. They start off very shy and quiet but once you get to know them you can't get them to be quiet! Jaycees are normally very nice but can be very rude when they are with somebody they don't like. They commonly have blue eyes and blonde hair. When in a relationship they are very committed and will do anything in their way to make their partner happy.
My best friend is a Jaycee.
by StrangeClouds June 19, 2014
JayCee's make really good friends, have a contagious smile, really fun to be around, there is some gene found in them that gives them a need to bug other people! They are also really sweet but at the same time mysterious and not hard on the eyes. Their also very flattering, it's almost intoxicating
Girl 1: Are you drunk or something? You keep zoning out and smiling.
Girl 2: No sorry, i just talked to a JayCee! He was so sweet it was intoxicating!
by Will Always-remember May 10, 2012
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