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Any fan of the British/Irish boy band, One Direction.
Note: that there are very bad/rude people, and then there are decent human beings. Do not think that because you met some bullshit people who call themselves Directioners that every Directioner is like that. I call the bad ones bullshit Directioners. You don't have to, but I'd just thought I'd mention that.

Age range: ~8 - ~25 (based on the youngest and oldest I've met and/or heard of)

Qualities needed to become a Directioner:

● Listen to their music and not hate them

That's it.

Qualities not needed to become a Directioner.

Like every song, worship them
● Know everyone's names, have all the merchandise
● Run a blog about them, have them as your screensaver, etc.
● Literally everything else, and if someone says you're not a Directioner because you haven't done some of these things, they're a bullshit Directioner, and you should ditch them like immediately.

Most of the Directioners I have personally met were nice. Now I have not met a lot of Directioners, so do not take my word for it. I also feel that the Directioners, who do not talk often about One Direction, are nicer. That is not always true, though.
Directioners: I like the band One Direction.
Non-directioner: I don't really like their music
Decent Directioner: Okay, that's fine.
by yes i am a directioner ok November 30, 2013
Fans of the boyband One Direction. Love the five boys to pieces and can sometimes go to extreme lengths to see them, meet them, or even talk to them. We will always be there and never leave them no matter what happens. They mean the world to us and have saved a lot of our lives. We love each of the boys equally and some of us really hate the term Directionator. The boys are our Idols and we can be borderline obbsessed or even just a normal person.
Girl 1: Hi, I'm (Y/N).
Niall: Hi
Louis: Hey love
Liam: Nice to meet you.
Harry: *cheeky smile*
Zayn (Zain): Hello love.
Girl 1: Its great to meet you. We love you so much and are always there. You all belong.
Boys: Thanks for being such a dedicated directioner
by Directioner1997 June 06, 2013
Directioners are dedicated about One Direction. You are only considered a Directioner if you have been there for the boys since day 1. July 23rd 2010 at 8:22pm was when One Direction was formed and saved millions of girls lives. Directioners are not to be messed with, they can either be your best friends or your enemies. Directioners are the best fans in the world and people can hate but we'll stick up for the boys no matter what! Hate on us but not on One Direction, they are our boys, our heroes. They are the 5 most good looking, talented, caring boys that you'll ever meet, they love us and we love them. As Louis Tomlinson said, 'It's like a teamwork between them and us.' They saved our lives and we are so grateful for having them in our lives. Hate on us as much as you want but you don't hate on them, we'll be there. Directioners will always stand up for the our boys. We love One Direction.
'Look, it's those Directioners.. I've heard they're the best fans in the world!'
'Oh my god, Directioners are looking at us, don't look!'
by I'm Adoran That Horan December 29, 2013
The only fandom that can hack into security cameras, leak albums, find ultrasound pictures, blood types, penis sizes...

But yet we can't order at McDonalds without fucking up and stuttering the whole time.
Directioners talking about One Direction:

Niall's blood type is A,
Louis was born at 1:47 PM on December 24, 1991,
Liam's penis size is 10.2 inches
Zayn was 8 pounds when he was born
Harry's blood type is B

Ordering at McDonalds:

Cashier: What would you like today?
Directioner: Y-y-es um I would like a um m-m-medium n-number s-s-even p-please?

*Gets Meal*

by PartofAFandomFamily July 11, 2014
A Directioner is someone who will stand by their boys 100% they don't always go to the concert, have their room filled with posters and all that. They sit by their laptop and vote for their boys, on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter all the time. Watch their music videos so they can break the vevo record those motherfuckers. (DIRECTIONERS HATES VEVO AND WANT TO GIVE THEM A FIGHFIVE WITH A CHAIR SO THEY DIE) they read a lot of fanfictions, and cry over how beautiful their boys are. They are done with those carrot jokes, but deep inside they will never forget those five boys on the stairs that came to the top of the world. A Directioner is dedicated, and will kill the haters. If you hate on One Direction in front of a crazy mofo she/he will kill you. A Directioner is crazy as fuck and do the most fucked up shit ever, like leaking all the shit. They leak things they dont know about, and it will still get number one in over turdy seven countries. Like wtf why are Directioners so screwed, but at the same time the most awesome fans in da world? Idk. They are the most powerful fandom in the fucking world, even animals and old fucked up people like them.
A mother fucker "I ship Haylor1!1!1!"

The Directioner "listen ya little piece of shit, fuck you i am going to kill you in ya sleep!"

B- "dude why is she screaming and breaking the room?"
"She is a Directioner... She got a fangirl attack"

C- "how do they leak everything, and get all those infomations?!"
"Because we are fab"

D- a carrot "Neil is mIne!1!1"

"Listen ya little carrot; you a a little carrot and Nialls dick is to Big for you."
by DanishMofo December 15, 2013
Someone who is supremely into One Direction and One Direction only. People who listens to nothing but 1D and is the hugest fan of One Direction. Probably one of the most annoying fans ever, but knows almost everything about the boys from 1D.
Gayleheart: *opens a 1D song*
Jaycee:*begins dancing/singing to it*
Gayleheart: *starts talking about Harry/Niall/Louis/Liam/Zayn*
*Everyone joins in*
Me: ....addicts...of course, they are Directioners
by Zuki(O w O)Sora September 25, 2012
Directioners are fangirls who are totally obsessed with the UK Boyband One Direction who leak a whole album(not just songs), hacks security in the boy's hotels and shops. They fight with other fandoms and hate on celebrities like Taylor Swift and The Wanted. They give new directioners fake information about them and they give intelligent comebacks at people who insult the boys. They burn people if necessary and suspend verified accounts. They stay in their rooms the whole day to fangirl over them and blog about them but only come out to eat food. Directioners call people 'carrots' when they pronounce Louis's name as 'Lewis', when they get hold of the wrong information about the boys, tell them about the mushroom joke and say 'extraordinharry', 'amazayn', 'phenomeniall', 'fabulouis' or 'brilliam'. They are the meanest fandom who make fun of other fandoms. Celebrities also admit that they are crazy. They even found the boy's exact times and hospitals they were born. They even stole Liam's boxers and they found their penis sizes. They are the only fandom that can laugh like crazy, cry and look #done within 4 seconds.Elounor and Larry shippers fight with each other all the time. YEAH WE'RE THE WORST!!
Peasant:"Ew one direction is so ugly and gay!!"
Directioners:"I hope you get motorboated by a porcupine or given a blowjob by a motherfucking shark."
Other fandoms: You insult us, we insult you back.
Directioners: You insult us, we turn your insults into a joke. We use reaction pictures and make you as uncomfortable as humanly possible.
Stupid:"Why do you love 1D? They'll never love you back.
Directioners:"Why do you breathe? You're gonna die anyway."
Boy:" They are only famous for their looks "
Directioner:"Yeah so I bought their album just to listen to their face."
Irrelevant person:"One Direction has no talent."
Directioners:"I don't wanna be around you. I don't want you in my environment. I don't want you in the motherfucking city. If I could move to Jupiter, I would but I wouldn't be able to motherfucking breathe."
by Harryseyeball May 23, 2014