Slang for smokeless tobacco. like skoal. But i'm thinking only hicks use it. I use it has slang and i live in the praries so i guess im a hick.
Let's go toss in a dinger before class
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005
The name that an amazing engineering lab TA is known by at a specific technical school in Northern New York. He is well liked by all.
"Hey, how'd you do on that thermocouple lab?"
"Great, Dinger gave me a one hundred again!"
by Payner December 12, 2006
A big, long hairy penis in ones pants, usually a mans.
Jack has one hefty dinger!
by switch_foot_girl May 18, 2011
A slut, whore, moraless woman. Someone who sleeps around
That girl is such a slut!
Yah, i know. What a dinger
by dingerrr May 14, 2011
A Girl/Boy who are obsessed with OHL hockey players, so they tend to sleep with the whole team. Known as the team slut. Usually first letter of their name is said before the actual word.
Bob: Yo, did you wheel c-dinger last night?

Joey: No guy, that was two days ago I thought you were lastnight..
Bob: Oh, I think she was with Mike than.
by Aleyna Monague July 25, 2010
A guy's thing that makes him a him.
If you are Justin Bieber, you don't have a dinger.
by afraidof beliebers July 24, 2010
a girl\woman that sleeps around or wears very revealing clothing
what a dinger
by daakinng May 14, 2011

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