British slang word originated in oxford, meaning ectasy tablet, or tablet containg the chemical MDMA.
I've just hit my fifth dinger, things are going a bit crook....
by pdex July 07, 2006
Robbed Moped/Scooter, can sometimes mean a car.
If i got chased by feds on a dinger, i would mash it up!
by ScoobZ201206ProductionZ October 25, 2007
A nickname for a syringe. "Dinger" is mostly used by junkies in the UK. It is also the name of Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty's cat.
1. "Oi, mate, ya got a spare dinger I could use."

2. "Here Dinger, dinner time."
by ProperBizzle September 14, 2007
dinger means its great like u by a skirt and your friend said that skirt is dinger or you like a song and you say that song is dinger
last night was fucking dinger,ur to is dinger
by c.davis June 27, 2007
1) A northern-California term for a bowl of crank that one smokes. The crank can also be mixed with some weed.

1) I was visiting my cousin at Chico State and we smoked a fat dinger before we went out.

2) Remember to lock your doors in Oroville, all the dub-teez smoke dingers.
by Keazy December 30, 2005
Baseball terminology for "home run".
Jeromy Burnitz and Geoff Jenkins each launched three dingers in the same game.
by Rodney Basil April 06, 2004
Any bell - a doorbell, a church bell, a gong or hand bell.

Also a "little ripper" or a "you beaut" event, meaning an exciting experience that is memorable.
The church dinger was clanging loudly.
He rang the dinger at the entrance, but no-one came to the door.

The footy match was a real dinger. We had a real dinger of a holiday. There was a dinger of a brawl in the pub last night.
by Dingeroo July 10, 2006
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