chewing tabaco, to pack a lip
after the game lets pack some big dingers
by big dipper22 November 26, 2011
A penis that exceeds 9 inches in length.
Man look at that dinger!
by Massas8967 October 30, 2011
A person who is highly offensive and requires a very special title to distinguish them from all the other moderately offensive people.
You are a dinger.

Your level of dingerdom astounds me.

You could not be more of a dinger, you dinger.
by Manwayk August 07, 2011
A short and wide t-shirt.
Wow, are you overweight or is that t-shirt a dinger?
by Andy!(Smith) July 05, 2011
Slang For Cocaine or blow
dinger, dings, dingers
hey man, wanna go do some dingers upstairs?

by Jnyrocks March 05, 2008
a goat keeper. scot colloq. abbrev. for dingwaller
I dont know what Mark does for a living, i think hes a dinger.
by Bub October 09, 2003
A girl who is extremely sexy, upon approval of friends they yell "DINGERRRRRRRRR" all together. If the female acknowledges you yell "DING DING DING DING". NEVER say it to an ugly woman, or you are breaking the code of man which was created.
*Sexy girl walks bye*
by Brudda Andre June 16, 2009

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