A guy's thing that makes him a him.
If you are Justin Bieber, you don't have a dinger.
by afraidof beliebers July 24, 2010
a girl\woman that sleeps around or wears very revealing clothing
what a dinger
by daakinng May 14, 2011
Slang for Dumbass, hookers, and anything else stupid.
Boyd your a damn dinger.
by Dr. dinger May 10, 2010
a male's penis
dam dude i wonder if that guy knows his dinger is hangin out.
by gecox August 25, 2008
A loving alternitive to using the term penis for a young boy's pee organ.
Dude, put your baby brother's diaper back on because his dinger is hanging out for everyone to see.
by kimbojo March 29, 2008
skinny, pale , chubby, 15 years old teenager who really look like he is 12 and he has girlfriends that he has never met, and normally has a massive ear growth on the left ear and also looks good in brown....and his parents make around 400,000 a year
duddddeee...quit bein a dinger!
by ljksdfjklasdfjklafkljasdfjk January 13, 2009
dinger-a slang word for a mans penis.
Damn Eyemarten, you hit me in the dinger.It stings like hell.
by thebee December 28, 2004

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