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A loving alternitive to using the term penis for a young boy's pee organ.
Dude, put your baby brother's diaper back on because his dinger is hanging out for everyone to see.
by kimbojo March 29, 2008
skinny, pale , chubby, 15 years old teenager who really look like he is 12 and he has girlfriends that he has never met, and normally has a massive ear growth on the left ear and also looks good in brown....and his parents make around 400,000 a year
duddddeee...quit bein a dinger!
by ljksdfjklasdfjklafkljasdfjk January 13, 2009
dinger-a slang word for a mans penis.
Damn Eyemarten, you hit me in the dinger.It stings like hell.
by thebee December 28, 2004
One who is loud and lacks an upper lip. This person often enjoys onions and reeks of annoyance.
That dinger was up in my business when i was trying to do my work.
by Sally Boisvert March 28, 2007
(AUS) Condom
"There's a dirty dinger in the shower, luv!"
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
the art of having a small penis
people who are called dinger should get help
by scott hoehne January 26, 2005
Getting pulled over by police and getting sentenced to jail while driving under the influence.
My friend Brent got a dinger last Thursday and had to spend the weekend in jail.
by Todd R. Janko May 05, 2006