An anus. This word stems from the old English expression "to have a red ring a ding ding," meaning that ones butt-hole is red and inflamed. In a modern context, 'dinger' is used to describe any physical asshole.
Wife: "Did you like that curry I made you last night?"
Husband:"It was tasty, but now my dinger is a bit raw."
by dingaaa7 October 10, 2014
A type of meal or snack made of breaded and deep fried chicken. Often referred to as chicken tenders or chicken fingers.
Those are the best tasting dingers I've ever had! Let's go get some dingers!
by Nate ZB September 23, 2006
oral copulation, Blow job, head
i got the best dingers from my girl last night.
by na August 17, 2003
A women's tampon
Tara's dinger was in so I couldn't fingerblast her.
A blowjob, oral sex, head, ex.
I just got dingers from my girlfriend last night. It was awsome.
by JiMbO-lo August 07, 2003
A party of considerable quality. Preceeds rager and jamma-lamma-ding-dong in party-quality hierarchy.
'if Neil wasn't such a queen, he'd stop pounding Moss in the ass and get down to this dinger'
by steel julian April 04, 2005
A penis that exceeds 9 inches in length.
Man look at that dinger!
by Massas8967 October 30, 2011

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