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a goat keeper. scot colloq. abbrev. for dingwaller
I dont know what Mark does for a living, i think hes a dinger.
by Bub October 09, 2003
In United States Marine Corps slang, a crack shot with a rifle; someone who is extremely proficient in marksmanship with small arms; a member of the USMC national rifle marksmanship team.
"I knew that Sergeant Jones was a real dinger when I saw him putting them in the ten-ring from the thousand yard line."
by JoeBeenthere July 02, 2009
An Australian male who has sex with kangaroos.
Oi! That there Dinger is humping that roo!
by UsedDinger October 07, 2013
Ecstacy pills
Im Chopped as fuck as iv dropped way too many dingers. nom nom nom
by Dingers @MONO September 10, 2010
1) Home Runs
2) A term of excitement.
1) Derek Lee hit 3 dingers today.
2) I got 2 tickets to the Mike Jones concert. Wanna go?
Hell yeah, Dingers!
by Brian L. March 05, 2006
Aussie slang for condoms
Tracy's brother didnt use any dingers
by U r a wanker April 22, 2009
A type of meal or snack made of breaded and deep fried chicken. Often referred to as chicken tenders or chicken fingers.
Those are the best tasting dingers I've ever had! Let's go get some dingers!
by Nate ZB September 23, 2006
A women's tampon
Tara's dinger was in so I couldn't fingerblast her.