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Kangeroo (Australian native animal)
Australian $1 coin (got roos on one face)
by Zyklon-B October 01, 2003
Underwear. Short for under-roos.
"Mandi, when you bend over, I can totally see your roos."
by #1Hooch May 06, 2010
Milwaukee goon term for fuckin the shit out of some bitch
i roo'd this female in the ass last night.
by ITS DIBO NIGGA November 24, 2010
Referring to one's vertical jumping abilities, useful for conversations regarding sports such as basketball or football where a high vertical jump is used to one's advantage.
Aye, my manz Nate Robinson got them roos son! He jumped over Dwight Howard like it was nothing.
by HitStick93 May 04, 2010
When the head of ones penis pops through the worn out hole in the front of ones underwear, looks like a baby kangaroo.

My Roo popped out and so girlfriend grabbed it and put some "Roo in her 'do!"
by Hcaz Sakraf November 28, 2006
Acronym for Rub One Out.
Ain’t got no bitch coming over, so I’m gonna have to ROO tonight.
by The ROOer June 20, 2011
colorful, exuburant, eclectic personality exhibited through a performer. someone that carries herself strongly when walking into a room.
Paris Hilton and Rachel Rankin are roos.
by Abbey Robertson March 23, 2006
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