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A Ground pokemon that resembles a phallus sticking out from
the ground.
Diglet, use dig! Now pop out of the ground under where I'm sitting!
by wadduyamacallit September 28, 2005
a diglet is when a man opens up a womans vagina and tries to stick his head in
man that chicks so loose, i gave her a diglet
by owen the leet cunt October 28, 2009
A tan chode like penis which resembles a popular pokemon
Dude zip it up, I can totally see your Diglet.
by SwiggidyDiggidyMyNiggidy October 16, 2013
little boy with pubes on head
Man you got pubes on your head.... ye im a diglet
by fat jap February 29, 2012
the action of a stiff bowel movement of nearly penetrating the comfort of soiling oneself

*pokemon inspired
*similar to the term prairie doggin
Hot diglets!

Ohh man, I have diglets popping right out of my ass!
by Adrian Martinez May 20, 2004
1. A pokemon
2. someone who doesn't want to fuck
ex 1:let me check my poke dex for diglet.

ex 2:Damn, stop being such a Diglet.
by charbat December 15, 2007
A little baby doggy, also see cumpuppy
Oh man, that fucking diglet ate my hot dog!
by Billy McGee December 16, 2003

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