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Really cool animal monster dudes who jock on all dem haters.
I used the pokemon dragonite to make my opponent's pokemon charizard faint.
by Yodaa February 01, 2009
A blonde russian tennis player whose great with women and is extremely athletic and fast.

A synonym for guy with big penis.
Sasha Yodashkin is totally awesome and stuff.
by yodaa January 27, 2009
A rip-off of pokemon. The biggest difference is that all the characters in digimon are gay.
Digimon is gay.
by yodaa February 01, 2009
The sport in which nobody can beat Sasha Yodashkin.
Sasha Yodashkin is the best tennis player in the world.
by yodaa January 27, 2009
A tennis player currently ranked number 1 in the world, even though he wouldn't even be able to win a point in a match against Sasha Yodashkin
Rafael Nadal lost easily to Sasha Yodashkin in straight sets 6-0 6-0 6-0, without even winning a point.
by yodaa January 27, 2009

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