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The japanese name of the forth season of Digmon where 6 Children are chosen to become Digimon and battle the forces of Cherubimon and Lucemon. It was broadcasted by ABC during the lull (or end?) of the Digimon Tv series.
"Watch Takuya and others evolve in Digimon Frontier!"
by Jijimon July 26, 2004
The fourth season of Digimon Digital monsters.

Although it is highly criticized by fans saying it ruined the formula of Digimon, Frontier still gives us memorable moments.
Season Four features 5 kids Takuya, Tommy, J.P., Zoey, and Koichi.

The Fourth season is criticized because the 5 kids do not get their own partners but yet become a Digimon through a process called "Spirit Evolution."
Digimon Frontier was an ok season but to me Digimon Tamers was the best
#digimon #fourth #digital #monsters #digivolve
by Momentai August 26, 2008
Where Digimon went down the pooper and became "Power Rangers: The Animé".
Tad: Geeze, Digimon Frontier might have it's moments but the rest just looks like it was written for people with Transformation Fettishes.
#digimon #flamon #frontier #anime #digital monster
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 26, 2007
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