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A game that is no longer sold because everyone has it.
Soon will be an Olympic sport.
by Veerwhil February 20, 2005
1. Japanese polearm consisting of a shaft and a vertically placed long blade used for stabbing or slashing. Employed chiefly in medieval Japan by peasants and lower class infantrymen.

2. ALSO a Bhutanese war axe of the same name.

3. A non-playable snake civ in Warcraft III Frozen Throne tm
You ever watched the movie Ran? In the battle sequences the polearms that Saburo's infantrymen are carrying.
by Veerwhil February 20, 2005
Something that put Andrew Gower and his runescape franchise out of business. Right now, the only people who don't have this game is because of their cost-conscious parents who can't afford to buy a brand new fucking supercomputer so that it is SOMEHOW even close to being possible to play the damn game without minute-long frame freezes. Also discerning parents who think that their children are too young to view the humongous amounts of Night Elf, Human, Orc, Tauren, Kobold, Pig, Martian, and Jew cleavage and scanty clothing put into the game, which is probably the major factor in its immense popularity over the average 20, virgin, pimpled, jobless, and lifeless average "adult" computer gamer.
A great game. As a matter of fact it's so great that I'm going to kill myself so that in my next life I will be reincarnated as Tyrande's tampon.
by Veerwhil February 20, 2005
Something that Andy and Larry Wachowsky ripped their idea from for the Matrix
Hello neo I am the Are the all your base r belong to us
by Veerwhil February 20, 2005

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