A book of many words; not to be read as a regular book of leisure, poses much fun if used for this though. especially when you get to the prefixes and suffixes. YEH!
Aardvark, aardwolf and aaron went on a walk on Ab to the abaca tree. they were taken aback by the giant abacus in front of them, they looked abaft to the abalone in the sea, then they abandoned ship. and i abate them all
by wonderboy March 30, 2005
A book or sorce of definitions not of oppinions or weirdo complaints about eachother.
IS this site really a Dictionary?
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
That which tells us to think what we never knew. The great manipulater of ignorance.
What does that mean?

Look it up in the dictionary.
by My name is Iggy, screw off October 23, 2006
You're lookin' at one, moron. (see MORON)
This is a dictionary.
by Kevin JJJ May 04, 2006
A ludicrous tome compiled by Noah Webster.
by flackrat September 23, 2003
a dictionary is a book with the definitions of various words and often has other grammatical information and things like that, also a dictionary is what your currently using and looking up the definition for.

also looking up the word "dictionary" in a dictionary is a paradox and thus by reading this sentence you are risking the safety of the entire universe :(
dude 1 : "hey dude whats a freezer?"
dude 2 : "look it up in a dictionary."
dude 1 : "whats a dictionary?"
dude 2 : *gives the guy a dictionary* "this is a dictionary"
dude 1 : thanks man

dude 2 *thinks to self* "I'm never eating at his house again"
by Spartan 13373 July 05, 2011
your an ass hole (lol)
you must be really boardto look up the word dictionary!!!!
by sambalayne August 11, 2009
1. An expensive encyclopaedia where people look up the definitions of words.
2. A censored and sophisticated version of Urban Dictionary.
3. What we all wish n00bs on forums and chat sites knew how to use.
dic-tion-ar-y |ˈdik sh əˌnerē| (abbr.: dict.)

noun ( pl. -aries)

a book that lists the words of a language in alphabetical order and gives their meaning, or that gives the equivalent words in a different language.
• a reference book on any subject, the items of which are arranged in alphabetical order : a dictionary of quotations.

early 16th cent.: from medieval Latin dictionarium (manuale) or dictionarius (liber) ‘manual or book of words,’ from Latin dictio (see diction ).
by Sara Sylvia October 10, 2006

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