products that help dick sucking addiction to keep their boys happy
this chocolate sauce is a dictionary.....francis loves me doing him with this.
by natsy October 09, 2006
A place to find the meaning of words./ of A hole in your pants.
by dbowney November 16, 2002
A fat-ass book of non-sensical ramblings put together by college students.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 03, 2003
wow you are a REAL dumbass for looking up "dictionary"
Bob was considered mentally retarded when he looked up dictionary in a fucking dictionary
by Courtney is awesome April 15, 2007
a small bag of peaches fermented in the sun on the summer solstice.
by patrick combes July 21, 2003
a book that tells alot of stuff.
use a dictionary dumbass!
by mocha joova June 30, 2003
what this is, for not the site.
Urbandictionaryer:, contrary to popular belief, is NOT a real dictionary...
Some idiot: duhh im stupid and im going to protest....derrr
by BE ALL END ALL GOD February 24, 2005

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