Not for the illiterate...
Its called reading you group letters and words together to form sentences. May cause headaches, take asprin...
by OmnipotentSeal June 14, 2003
A word that doesn't need to be in the dictionary because if you know what the word means then there is no point to looking it up and if you don't know what a dictionary is, you will not be looking it up in one
Tim: What does the word dictionary mean?
Tom: Go look it up in the dictionary.
by Selia Aventheim February 14, 2012
large book, not meant to be read entirely, but to looks up certain information, or just laugh at funny words
-this book lacks a good storyline
*dude you're reading a dictionary
by redharvest August 01, 2011
Are you fucking retarded?
this is a Dictionary you RETARD!!!!!
by J-J-J-JILES November 12, 2010
You're holding it, you moron. See MORON.
He looked up "dictionary" in a dictionary, so I assumed he was a moron.
by Noble Webster February 05, 2010
You're an asshole.
-Demetri Martin is a genious and this was his joke about a dictionary.
by ilovedemetrimartin March 30, 2009
...You're an asshole.
...You're still an asshole. Lookin' up dictionary in a dictionary...jeez...
by Cameron Hughes October 18, 2008

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